Catholic school quits Boston St. Patrick’s parade over gay marchers

You’ve got to be taught
To hate and fear,
You’ve got to be taught
From year to year,
It’s got to be drummed
In your dear little ear
You’ve got to be carefully taught.

You’ve got to be taught to be afraid
Of people whose eyes are oddly made,
And people whose skin is a diff’rent shade,
You’ve got to be carefully taught.

You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late,
Before you are six or seven or eight,
To hate all the people your relatives hate,
You’ve got to be carefully taught!

By Elizabeth Barber

BOSTON (Reuters) – A Roman Catholic grammar school located near Boston has pulled out of the city’s St. Patrick’s Day parade in protest over organizers’ decision to allow a gay veterans’ group to march in next month’s event.Brother Thomas Dalton

The Immaculate Heart of Mary School, which traditionally sends its marching band to the South Boston route, said on Friday it would withdraw following a decision by the Allied War Veteran’s Council, the parade’s organizers, to admit a group of gay and lesbian veterans called OutVets to participate.

“We can’t associate with that,” Brother Thomas Dalton, principal of Immaculate Heart of Mary School, said in a phone interview. “It would appear we were condoning it.”

For decades the organizers of the New York and Boston St. Patrick’s Day parades excluded openly gay groups from participating in their events, contending that allowing them to march would violate the beliefs of their Catholic faith, which holds that homosexual acts are immoral.

Both parades’ major sponsors, Diageo PLC’s Guinness in New York and Boston Beer Co’s Sam Adams in Boston, withdrew their support last year over the issue.

Boston parade organizers said they would admit the OutVets group because its members were veterans. New York’s parade this year opted to allow a group of gay and lesbian employees of NBC Universal, the unit of Comcast Corp that broadcasts the event, to participate.

IHM schoolImmaculate Heart of Mary School, in the town of Harvard, about 25 miles northwest of Boston, also withdrew from the parade last year, when it appeared that a gay rights group would be allowed to join the march. The rights group did not walk in the end.

Dalton, the principal, said the school did not consult with the archdiocese in Boston before withdrawing from the parade this year, which will be held on March 15. Archdiocesan officials did not immediately return requests for comment.

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, a conservative group, called the school’s withdrawal “an act of courage.”

In New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan has said he will serve as grand marshal of this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, despite conservative criticism that he should withdraw over the inclusion of gay marchers.

Pope Francis, the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, has sought to move Church discussions towards social justice issues and focus less discussion on sex, even as Church dogma on homosexuality has remained unchanged.

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Norway Police Raid Catholic Diocese Premises

Bishop Bernt Ivar Eidsvig is charged with aggravated fraud.

Norway Police Raid Catholic Diocese Premises

Photo: Jan-Erik Løken | Bishop Bernt Ivar Eidsvig

Finance and Environment Crime Section of the Oslo police raided administration premises of Roman Catholic Diocese of Oslo (OKB) this morning at 9.00.

After Dagbladet revealed that the Catholic church has registered unsuspecting persons as members and received public support on the basis of inflated membership figures for several years, County Governor of Oslo and Akershus decided to start an investigation in November.

This morning, Oslo police raided the administration building of Roman Catholic Diocese and two residents this morning in the frame of the fraud allegations.

Oslo Catholic Diocese and two people including the bishop are now charged with aggravated fraud, summing 50 million NOK, said prosecutor Kristin Rusdal to Dagbladet.

Bishop Bernt Eidsvig previously rejected that the suspicious membership registration that the church practices may be illegal.
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