Comedian Lewis Black Reads 18 Year Old’s Awesome Resignation Letter To The Mormon Church

Thousands of Mormons are resigning from the LDS Church over its new and spiteful anti-gay policies. Lewis Black reads one teen’s resignation letter that is hysterical.



Last week the Mormon Church updated its Handbook, the book of rules that lays out official Church policy. In an exceptionally spiteful, hate-filled, and dangerous decision, Church leaders declared that children being raised by same-sex parents cannot be baptized until they turn 18 and denounce their parents. The Church also decreed that any Mormon in a same-sex relationship is now an apostate and can be ex-communicated.

There are now reports that calls to suicide prevention hotlines have skyrocketed.

In response to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ attack on LGBT families, thousands of LGBTQ Mormons and allies, along with parents of LGBTQ children, will be officially resigning from their Church on Saturday. A mass resignation event is scheduled in Salt Lake City, where Mormons will gather to resign and support each other.

In order to resign from the Mormon Church, members have to write a letter and mail it to the Church.

Last week, Lewis Black during a performance in Oklahoma City read a resignation letter written by an 18-year old Mormon. It is hilarious, profanity-laden, and, for those of the Mormon faith, highly disrespectful.

But mostly, at least to outsiders, it is hilarious especially as Black, also known for his profanity, adds his own embellishments to the young man’s thoughts.

Don’t watch this video if you’re in a space where foul language is inappropriate, or if you’re drinking hot coffee. You’ve been warned!


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