Church digs up graveyard to build ‘£1m home’ for vicar: Neighbours ‘disgusted’ after watching bones being exhumed to make way for house

  • Loughton Baptist Church is building the home for Reverend Wayne Dulson
  • Neighbours saw graves pre-dating 1860 dug up to make way for property
  • Plans for the home were initially turned down by Epping Forest Council
  • They were overturned on appeal to the planning inspectorate  

A vicar has outraged neighbours after having bodies exhumed to make way for his new family home next to the church.

Residents, including children, watched as bones from resting places pre-dating 1860 were dug up and transferred to coffins before being taken away.Reverend Wayne Dulson

They say they are disgusted at the Reverend Wayne Dulson and Loughton Baptist Church’s lack of sensitivity over the matter and claim the move is motivated by money.

The locals claim a perfectly good four-bedroom manse not far from the Essex church was sold last year for £630,000 to fund the project and the new one could be worth over £1million when complete.

Underwriter Colin Hart, 50, whose family home backs on to the church, said: ‘I’m disgusted that a supposed man of the cloth should go round digging up bodies from their final place of rest. Local people have entrusted their loved ones to this church and this is how they behave.’

His wife, Julie, 48, added: ‘Whatever happened to rest in peace? We woke up to the sound of a JCB out the back and you could see them loading coffins from the back garden.’

Mother-of-four Simone Cohen, 52, said: ‘What I found most upsetting was that when they transferred the bones into coffins, the children could see everything.’

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