Disgraced Cardinal to leave Scotland for penance: Vatican

Disgraced Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who resigned as head of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland after admitting to sexual misconduct, will leave his country for months of “prayer and penance”, the Vatican said on Wednesday.

By Philip Pullella

Cardinal Keith O'BrienA brief Vatican statement did not say where O’Brien, once Britain’s most senior Catholic cleric, was going, or spell out why he was quitting Scotland.

But it will be hoping the announcement draws a line under an affair that has added to a sense of crisis in the Catholic Church as it continues to deal with separate scandals over sexual abuse of children by priests.

The cardinal resigned as archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh on February 25 after three priests and one former priest in Scotland complained about incidents of sexual misconduct dating back to the 1980s.

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  1. It still is hard for me to understand how Cardinal O’Brien could be so against same sex marriage and committed relationships for gay people when he was involved in non-committed sexual relationships with men, some of them his underlings. For years priests had sex with other guys, many of them teens, and the Church looked the other way. This was accepted and those involved were protected. These young men were good enough to be used in this way but when they got older and wanted to be in a committed relationship, the Church told them that they weren’t good enough for that. Please explain this to me.

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