Catholic School Teacher Fired Because Abusive Ex-Husband Posed Threat to Students

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By Neetzan Zimmerman
A domestic violence victim has come forward this week after being fired from her teaching job at a San Diego Catholic school because she was deemed a liability for having an abusive ex-husband.

Carie CharlesworthEarlier this year, Carie Charlesworth and her four children were removed from Holy Trinity School after she gathered up the courage to disclosed her struggles with domestic violence to the school’s principal.

After what the second-grade teacher’s called “a very bad weekend with [her ex-husband],” the unidentified man arrived outside the school, prompting a lockdown.

She was subsequently put on “an indefinite leave,” and then formally terminated three months later.

Charlesworth’s letter of termination read, in part:

We know from the most recent incident involving you and Mrs. Wright (the principal) while you were still physically at Holy Trinity School, that the temporary restraining order in effect were not a deterrent to him. Although we understand he is current incarcerated, we have no way of knowing how long or short a time he will actually serve and we understand from court files that he may be released as early as next fall. In the interest of the safety of the students, faculty and parents at Holy Trinity School, we simply cannot allow you to return to work there, or, unfortunately, at any other school in the Diocese.

“I mean that’s why women of domestic violence don’t come forward, because they’re afraid of the way people are going to see them, view them, perceive them, treat them,” said Charlesworth after being informed that several parents were planning to pull their children out of school if she returned.

The San Diego Diocese Office for Schools has said it would not comment publicly “about personnel issues.”

Meanwhile, Charlesworth says the entire ordeal has caused her to lose her religion. “I have not been back to a Catholic church since this happened,” she said.

Her ex-husband, who was jailed on two felony charges back in January, is due to be released this month.

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